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Friends Abroad-Initiative

The „Friends-Abroad“-Initiative offers the opportunity to talk to other Heidelberg residents in an informal ambiance. The goal of the programme is to give the participants a space where they can socialise with locals, know more about German culture, and experience the everyday-life in Heidelberg.

The new form of the mentorship program in cooperation with the Mehrgenerationenhaus shall primarily create a platform for the intercultural and intergenerational exchange: It shall deliver you insights into the Heidelberg everyday life, whereas you might enrich Heidelberg providing insights into your culture and research work. It will further give you the opportunity to meet people outside the university, with whom you might meet and share common hobbies and activities.

We will inform you about the future meeting dates, so that you might be able to let us know anytime if you want to take part.

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Please choose whether you are an international scholar of the Heidelberg University or a mentor.


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